A Greek restaurant affected by the pandemic had to furlough employees and cut jobs

By Mengyuan Ge

Hong Kong, 10:50 AM, Oct 28, 2020

An Indonesian waitress of a Greek café said on Wednesday that their business has been reeling from tough Covid-19 restrictions and the tourist slump as the coronavirus continues to cripple the restaurant industry in Hong Kong.


“The restaurant was really cold and quiet,” said Randangua Dilish, an Indonesian waitress working at Santorini. The Greek café restaurant on Elgin Street, Central that has been running for 7 years, had experienced a hard time. “August and mid-September was the most difficult period when the government restrictions were tight and we had to close by 6 pm, ” said Dilish. She estimated the revenue was 50% lower compared to last year.


“Our income has been affected, of course,” Dilish said. “We were taking a ‘No-pay leave’ for 7-8 days a month.” “Last year, we had eight people working here, four in the kitchen, and four at the front. But now we have only six,” she added.


When asked about the future plans, Dilish replied with a tone of uncertainty. “We don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, even if the business is better as Hong Kong has only a few cases. In July, the business was really nice before the ‘third wave’ and everything just got worse after. Maybe wait for the vaccines to come out.”